Five Things Nurses Should Not Be Without

Every nurse has a specific list of things they need to have to make their job a little bit easier. Some are even particular about having items that help keep them going, sane, balanced, whatever. Nevertheless whether you’re fresh out of nursing school or have been doing this for a while, the five things listed below are definitely things you should always have with you no matter what.

Stethoscope — Not just any stethoscope. You need to have a good stethoscope (disposable ones don’t count). Because you spend so much time with patients having a piece of equipment that helps you listen to their breathing and heart better is crucial.  . Having a reliable stethoscope is a must and is worth paying a little extra for a good one.

Shoes — This pretty much applies to any job that requires a lot of standing but for nurses, aving a pair of shoes with good support is practically mandatory. You need to make  sure they’re durable and that they can give you the support you need for long days an nights on your feet.  It doesn’t just make your feet happy, it makes you feel better as well. Take the time, invest in a good pair or two and your feet and mind will thank you for it.

Something good to write with — yes we live in a touch pad, paperless, what’s a pen? age but when it’s all said and done, nothing is more efficient than a good pen to take notes, to write something down quickly or to mark something that you need to get back to later. Make sure you have a variety and more than one pen on hand. Touch pad and technology be damned, writing utensils are still important.

Scrubs –This will be the one outfit you wear the most so why not have some durable scrubs that can survive endless washing machine, fit well and have a professional look about them? Also it’s good to have an extra set in your car or locker and also an extra set at home. Just because they’re scrubs doesn’t mean they have to look scruffy.  Of course you want them comfy like your shoes but you also want to present yourself as a professional.

Alcohol Pads – Why alcohol pads? Because you can always use them to clean things  like your stethoscope, alcohol pads, I always like to have a stash of alcohol pads on hand or anything else that may need a wipe down. Let’s put it this way, better to have them than not to have them. They’re not heavy and won’t take up much room on you so why not carry some around.

Sure there are lots of other things you could have as a nurse but the five things listed above pretty much cover the basics. And remember it’s always better to be prepared than not.

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